Portland Type 2010 | Crack Press 1995

Portland Type is a design studio that focuses on creative / art direction, brand and typeface design, which evolved from Portland's first digital type foundry I created in the early 90s. Originally conceived as a conduit to release commercial fonts, it has grown into a multifaceted creative studio. As the primary creative, I am fortunate to have worked directly with great companies and internal creative teams to create brand solutions and bring over 75 type designs to life for global companies such as MTV, Adidas, Starbucks, Dr. Martens, Target, W+K, SPORE (Electronic Arts), Dodge, Skylab Architecture, McMenamins, TaylorMade Golf, Nike, REI and Columbia Sportswear.

CRACK PRESS, where my other foot is firmly planted, is a Graphic Art and Print studio which I founded while attending art school. My first large scale commission was creating Peter Wegner’s seminal body of art, titled American Types. My very good friend Hawthorne Hunt worked with me, side-by-side to make large format screen prints canvases. Since then, the studio has become an avenue for creating my artwork as well as working directly with artists, musicians, designers and illustrators to realize their vision.

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- Pete McCracken

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Pete McCracken aka Crack, a musician and artist moniker since 1989

Pete McCracken aka Crack, a musician and artist moniker since 1989